– beware – tracking you down

So that’s it, it is totally clear that was responsible for all that clicks.

He/she/it first visited www.tasuki.org or tasuki.tasuki.org, then this blog, which he/she/it browsed around a bit, then herewego, one pageview but two ad clicks (I do not really understand that), then network (one pageview and freaking three clicks). He/she/it finished his/her/its tour around my pages on kgs-map (viewed 9 pages).

Apart from that, u35.vfu.cz is connected with that ip adress, that is “University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science” in my hometown – Brno… currently doesn’t even respond to pings (seems they turn off cumputers for night), but you can expect some port scanning in near future :)

I am half asleep already, so I’d better leave it all for tomorrow…

Anyway… when I find out who it was…

4 thoughts on “ – beware – tracking you down

  1. no dobře víťo byla jsem to já, ale já jsem jen chtěla, abys měl prachy chápeš? no asi bych se měla omluvit. tak se omlouvám. moc.

  2. ahoj… no ja jsem si to myslel (podle te skoly :)), no a pokud mi ten ucet nezrusi (a uz to skoro vypada, ze nezrusi), tak se na tebe ani nebudu moc zlobit :)

    tak to by bylo jednoduche, kdyby stacilo sednout si k nejakemu pocitaci a klikat si na reklamy, to by se ty penize pak jenom hrnuly, ale oni nejsou blbi, aby si tohle nechali libit…

  3. WTF? Nemohl bys to nám (normálním) lidem, kteří nemají potuchy, jak to s reklamou na netu chodí, nějak blíž vysvětlit?

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