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Littlegolem dejavu

The Littlegolem’s disk crashed. :(

The owner’s notebook with backups from last week… crashed… :(

So the last backup is from May… sigh…

I have to play some games (that I already won) for one more time, and a lot of games have been lost due to the crash. The positive thing is that they arranged a RAID that should prevent further problems…

Thanks for the good job!

Zen Myszcz

Yesterday I was talking with myszcz (it’s not important what we were actually talking about… or… maybe you don’t even want to know…). He sometimes uses very zen-like sentences, but this was probably the best one:

Myszcz: maybe I’ll go to sleep, and after sleeping my mind will have the answer

But myszcz denied being a zen monk, he even said he didn’t know anything about zen (like I believe him, haha).

Letnia Szkoła Go

I’ve just returned from LSG, saying it was great would be an underestimation. If I have to decide between LSG and EGC I definitely choose LSG.

Przystanek Alaska is great, the lake is great, weather was great, beer was great, parties were great, but most of all – the people were great.
Thanks to everyone – kabu, lapkom, suska, ajka, comboy, sosna, martyna, basia & tomasz mroczek, nexo, hitech, fetkaa, rams, wieczorniczek, dominika (dorota), piotrek, ela, przemas, emtom, lobo, iskierka, yapee, sh, yebi, soui, sad, kamyszyn, radziol, kamyk, seok-bin, tommell, gertzu, quasigoose, azael, myszcz, przemek and everyone else that I can’t remember now because it is too late and I’m tired).

But my most special thanks go to: benerit, juggler, grasiu, vertigo, method, anka, ola, fisz, cichaczem, and last but not least – kotasia (if she hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have even gone there).


I’m going to Polish “Letnia Szkola Go (someone said it meant “Letnia Szkola Gwaltu”…):

11.7. Brno hl.n. 15:42
Ostrava-Svinov 17:33 17:42
Katowice 19:25 20:02
12.7. Szczecinek 4:52 5:27
Miastko 6:07

I wonder whether I’ll manage to get there… :sweatdrop:

Anyways don’t expect to hear from me much… well, there will be internet connection but probably not enough time to write to my blog.

Have a nice holiday season. :laugh:


They got through my spam protection yet again. The bastards really pissed me off, it’s of no use for them as I’m deleting their comments anyway and it only costs them bandwidth (sadly not much, and I fully realise that) and it costs me time (and nerves). I really don’t know what to do, captcha seems to be the only viable solution…

Sigh… :sleep:


Computer programs should be user friendly, it should be always easy and intuitive to do what you want.

I like userfriendliness of firefox, various stupid pop-up windows have been replaced by information bars that fit nicely into the application (such as search bar at the bottom when you press / (some people insist on using ctrl+f but any unix user knows that / is the true way to search :P) or the bar at the top informing you about a blocked pop-up window).

However, gnome has become way too “user friendly”. Linus was probably right when he said that gnome developers are interface nazis. In the new gnome, the default is to show the location in nautilus (default gnome file manager) as buttons (for each folder there’s a button). That sucks, it’s much better to have a textbox, as then you can also switch folders by writing it there. Luckily, it’s still possible to change this…

What I find very annoying are the pop-up windows at the lower right informing me that there is not enough disk space (it always announces the disk and the percentage that is free). Gimme a rest… I do know that my disks are almost full and I can use “df” too. I really see no reason for this annoying feature which the developers have probably seen in M$ windoze and thought that gnome users should suffer too.

Anyone knows where to turn it off? :x

As a side note, I am not switching to KDE because it is too bloated and I’m not switching to fluxbox because I am not cool enough (but maybe if I grow up to be cool I will switch to fluxbox one day…).

Another LittleGolem update

I won second division of third league of thirteenth amazon championship. It really sucked hard, there was only one challenging game (with Cristi… I thought I was going to lose already), all others were pure pwnage. :licknose:

I had a look to see who is at the top of amazon rating list and what was my surprise when I saw myself in 16th place (that’s on the first page – yay) with just 1762. Kind of contrasts with my 17th place in twixt with 1947 (and I think I can play twixt helluva lot better than amazons…).

I also managed to luck out the second place in tenth division of fifth league of ninth gomoku championship (with sonnenborn and some magic working to my advantage).

The Monster of Little Golem tournament isn’t exactly going my way. I have horrible positions in all the amazons games (against ~1500 players, whom I should beat easily) and it all seems just too much for me to handle… :(

Video editing in linux

I started with avidemux, which is capable of handling lots of formats. I’d call it a low level editor, it gives you power over many very basical things (such as containers, codecs and their settings (there are many settings)). It allows you to do some basic operations (but you have to be careful not to cut of the keyframes (or I-frames or whatever you like to call them), or transfer the whole video into something containing only I-frames if you want to edit it) but no effects and such.

Then I tried to install cinelerra, but I disliked at the first sight   it is way too complex (at least for me, I am not going to spend the rest of my life learning how to manage a video editing program). In the near future I am going to try out diva and/or jahshaka. Diva seems really nice & easy, but jahshaka too. So I don’t know where to start… any suggestions?


The rest of my family went on a vacation and I am staying at home with grandparents. They already managed to seriously piss me off several times.

I already got used to grandparents having all sorts of customs they don’t want to change and I kind of understand it (like drying the dishes right after they have been washed (which makes no sense, btw)).

I will drive grandma to a doctor tomorrow. She desperately wanted me to go and practice the route (I refused) and she seems frightened of going by car when I drive (I drive very safely, nothing fancy). Now she told me that I don’t really have to drive her there if I don’t want to, that she can go by public transport (yeah, sure, with that thing she’s wearing that almost disables her to move…). And she is not scared at all to send me to practice the route (and I bet it is almost sure death situation from her point of view).

Once during a lunch, grandpa mentioned that he had some problems solving sudoku. So I offered to help him, but he somehow didn’t have time. Then the other day we talked about sudoku again and he described his strategy: “I start with certain number, for example 1, and I fill it in every box at a place it could be in. Then I proceed with another number and when it doesn’t fit I just use rubber to replace the numbers.” I told him that this was not a good way to solve sudoku, that he would have to have a lot of luck to solve it in a reasonable period time, that he should only fill numbers when he is completely positively sure that the number belongs where he is writing it. He responded that it was impossible to do so. I told him that I can help him and we can go through solving a sudoku together (I was still very polite then). He responded with something unclear but it was obvious he didn’t want to see any more sudoku. Then he said that one day he had been solving a sudoku and he’d already got most of it right, but in the end it was impossible to fill in the middle square where the numbers just didn’t fit. I am not sure whether he realised this meant that his method was wrong.

Grandpa also likes to explain me various things. When I was washing the dishes (and he was drying them cause it always needs to be done asap) I asked about the football championship (just cause I know that he really enjoys it, I don’t give a shit about football, really)), who is winning and when the next games are scheduled. He started explaining me that now there will be semi-final, that is played by four teams, and that two of them will lose, then there will be a final, where the two winners will play for who gets the first and second place, and the losers from semifinal will play for third and fourth place. This took him several minutes… well, of course I know what knock-out tournaments look like. My grandpa just likes to explain things, he doesn’t care that I know it already (I even told him once but it didn’t stop him so I gave up).

Sigh… :glare: