I haven’t ridden a bike for several months (since winter, more exactly (you might find it weird but I don’t)). Today we made a small ride which ended being slightly more than 100km long. Of course my legs hurt, but what I find more surprising is that my wrists do too. Of course the seat is now imprinted into my butt, which ain’t nice either…

And this happened just a day after almost sleepless night… As I’ve already written, I was at the animefest, here is more or less chronologically what I’ve seen there (and some of my impressions):

Great teacher Onizuka – A comedy about a former leader of a motorcycle gang who decides to become a teacher. It was probably stupid, but I really liked it (maybe because I haven’t seen any anime for quite a long time.

AMV competition (see, I am nice enough to put links to wikipedia again) – that ruled, I wonder whether you can dload the AMVs anywhere on the net. Probably the best one was on Neon Genesis Evangelion (which is prolly most classic/widely known/talked about anime) with self recorded version of a widely known pop song (I don’t know the name) with refrain: “We’ve been lonely for most of our lives, and through Impact into paradise”

Grave of the fireflies – the most touching anime, it’s about a boy and his sister who become orphans and try to survive WW2 in Japan. I highly suggest it, the best one I’ve seen this year.

Karas – what a bullshHHHHHH^H difficult story. There were demons fighting each other and sometimes killing random people (some of them got power from drinking human blood). I liked one scene, which was rather good: a girl was at a toilette, when suddenly in the wash basin the water drops started falling the other way around (needless to say she didn’t survive it).

Memories – three short stories, I’ve only seen two of them but liked both:
Magnetic rose – scifi, space dustmen catch an SOS signal from wrecks of old starships, they find a gothic looking rooms there, as they get deeper, there are some nasty surprises, then they start to see unreal things (and is a bit like Solaris (if you haven’t read it yet, go and do it NOW)
Stink bomb – a boy in a chemistry lab eats something he shouldn’t have eaten, then starts producing something that causes everyone who gets close to him to fall into coma (he doesn’t know that and is always very surprised). I really liked it.genshiken

Bokusatsu tenshi Dokuro-chan – quite an average girl (going to school and so on) who is accidentally also an angel very often brutally kills her friend with a spiked club to revive him a few moments later. It’s pretty crazy comedy, but considering the state we were in, we really enjoyed it.

Sokyu no Fafner – yet another mecha fighting (well, ever seen a mecha doing anything else than fighting?), not that bad, but mecha ain’t my style.

Genshiken – anime about otaku (anime freaks), it went on for 5 hours (since 2 till 7, so I overslept a few parts, but Genshiken didn’t have a clear storyline so it doesn’t even matter much). The only drawback is that the sound was really loud so it was a bit difficult to sleep.

Ginban Kaleidoscope – a speedskater meets a ghost, big deal…

Speed grapher – a photograph gets into trouble in a world where money is everything, I’ve only seen a few first parts so I couldn’t understand it much but I think it might be a good one.

Fate/Stay night – wizards fighting for a holy grail, lots of action.

Ooh, I almost forgot again… you like pictures, don’t you? :-)

Geez, this was a long one…

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gkg 2006-05-09

gto rulez

tasuki 2006-05-09

juuu, gkg cte muj lama-blog? ^^

gkg 2006-05-10

shit happens ;)

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