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Video editing in linux

I started with avidemux, which is capable of handling lots of formats. I’d call it a low level editor, it gives you power over many very basical things (such as containers, codecs and their settings (there are many settings)). It allows you to do some basic operations (but you have to be careful not to cut of the keyframes (or I-frames or whatever you like to call them), or transfer the whole video into something containing only I-frames if you want to edit it) but no effects and such.

Then I tried to install cinelerra, but I disliked at the first sight   it is way too complex (at least for me, I am not going to spend the rest of my life learning how to manage a video editing program). In the near future I am going to try out diva and/or jahshaka. Diva seems really nice & easy, but jahshaka too. So I don’t know where to start… any suggestions?

Dapper Drake

Hello from Dapper Drake!

I’ve been patiently waiting for the final release not to get myself into trouble (I never installed release candidate I think), well, the upgrade wasn’t as smooth as I expected, but still went kinda ok. Let me sum up the result:


  • Wine doesn’t take more and more memory when running Pokerstars (which means I will not have to restart it every while).
  • New ubuntu “human” theme rocks! (unlike the previous ones)
  • Firefox 1.5, and generally updated versions of apps.

Now for negatives:

  • The upgrade was an ordeal (as usually), I was up till 3am to get it at least a bit working.
  • Gentium font has a very weird ‘u’ that is much taller than it should be (you’d say it is not that important but it’s totally annoying). Had to switch to verdana (any better tips for a font to use in apps ?).
  • Nvidia drivers (for 3d graphics) got deinstalled and I will have to install them again.
  • A lot of problems with Java (no java plugin in firefox (I know it only takes one link, but I can’t remember anymore where it was), CGoban won’t run (java.awt.AWTError: Cannot load AWT toolkit:
  • Wavemon doesn’t run (fatal error: could not get range information), also my wifi connection is very crappy for no apparent reason, maybe it has something to do with it…

And I always think “this time thay have to get the upgrade right”. No. Never.

Hello from Dapper Drake…

sed games

Do you know sed? It is a program that transforms text (I’ve used it to transfer sgf to my povray format), however, some people thought it’d be funny to make games in sed…

They made classic pong game and sokoban (the old game where you are a man that has to move boxes through a maze). Well, I think they are completely crazy (both the games and their creators), but I really like the idea of (ab)using sed in this way.

Sorry for a geekish post. (but I really do find this interesting :-))

Playing with disk partitions

Yesterday I decided to quadruple my swap (from 256mb to 1gb) so that I can play more hands in poker before having to restart the application that continually eats more and more of my memory.

Firstly I cut off that 1gb out of my fat32 data partition, that went relatively easy with me only having to umount all the partitions around and that was basically all.

Then I destroyed the former swap, which is after my ext3 linux partition and before fat32 data one. I thought it would be neat to add these 256mb to my ext3 (yeah, I still have 40gb hdd which has been completely full for a very long time) but that obviously wasn’t possible as there is root mounted and I couldn’t umount it. So I tried to run a live cd and thought all would be ok, but for some reason qtparted doesn’t want to enlarge that ext3. :-(
Sorry for boring geekish post…

Best fonts

Fonts/typefaces are more part of our lifes than most of you think, they are virtually everywhere.

Today I was again deciding which fonts to use as my system fonts (on LCD), it is very difficult to choose wisely, so here are my top candidates: FreeSans (I like it), Arial (well, Micro$oftish, but not that bad, actually I used it for quite a long time), Verdana (also M$, takes quite a lot of space but reads very nicely) and Gentium. Let me say more about the last one, as I started to really like it:

Gentium is kind of half-serif font (not really serif and not really sans-serif) which is very nice to look at, it also renders well on my screen. It is rather dynamic yet very well readable, and there is a reason Gentium is called “typeface for nations” – there is almost any char you could think of. Well, in case that wasn’t enough, have a look at a screenshot:

Nice, ain’t it? So that’s what I use in almost all applications now as a default font.

Then I’d like to mention terminus, that is the monospaced font. Suitable for day-long sessions in front of screen (believe me, I have tested it many times). I was very annoyed with Courier (New), Fixedsys and similar crappy fonts as their readability is awful. On the other hand terminus has wonderful readability and I got addicted to it very quickly. Here goes the screenshot:

Oh yeah, and vim rocks: no useless menus, only the info bar at the bottom… simple yet powerful :)

That’s about it, sorry for rather longish post (which should have been divided into two or three, I know) and for it being written in a hurry (working hard on a secret project ;-)).

PS: Some things I forgot: Terminus is a bitmap font, which is one of the reasons its readability is so good. It also contains all characters I need to use, and lastly, compare how mmmmm and iiiii has same width while it is both easy to read: