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Particularly frightening

I recently found a website called crime library. The stories there are very very disturbing. They are in fact so disturbing that I suggest you not to read it before going to sleep (or not to read it at all if you just don’t feel like it).

I will list a few stories that are particularly frightening… like Dennis Rader aka BTK, meaning bind torture kill; Ted Bundy, a well-educated and seemingly normal guy; Albert Fish, elderly man who was fascinated by eating humans; Christopher Wilder, beauty queen killer; or Pedro Lopez, who killed hundreds of young girls. There were also couples that tortured and murdered together, like Fred & Rose West or Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka. Then there is a particularly disgusting story about necrophiles (if they don’t kill anyone I don’t think there’s anything ethically bad their actions, it’s just disgusting, but the ones mentioned usually killed).

One particularly weird story is about Issei Sagawa, who has killed and eaten a woman and is proud of it. Oh yeah, and wasn’t imprisoned… he still walks freely and enjoys a celebrity status in Japan…

Also, I never knew that there was a 10 year old girl, who killed other kids because she enjoyed it. That’s probably the scariest of all the articles. The violence in this one is relatively low, but the fact that it was all done by a 10 year old makes it particularly horrifying.

How? How is it possible that human mind can get twisted like that? Can they even be considered humans?

Eating habits

I’m changing my eating habits!

Throughout all my life I’ve eaten much more than I wanted to. What is worse – I didn’t even realize it, I got used to that uneasy feeling of having full stomach and being all tired and sleepy because of this.

When my grandma asked me whether there’s a possibility of eating at school, I truthfully answered that there’s a cheap canteen for students. However, I didn’t mention that I usually don’t go there…

I’m not changing my eating habits to be more fit, look better, spare money or whatever, I am changing them because I don’t like eating when I feel it’s too much for me.

My brand new eating rule: eat when you are hungry and eat just enough not to be hungry, not less and not more.

False friends

I thought it would be fun to try to find polish words that have funny meaning for czechs. I started with writing it by hand, asking people and it took me at least an hour to find out that lists like this one already do exist and that such words are called “false friends“. Nevertheless, I think this list contains some words that no other (easily findable) false friends lists contain (at least nozki, nozyczki, plywac and prawie).

A few remarks concerning polish pronunciation ((mainly) for czech people): ć and cz – č, ó – u, ł – english w.

Polish word Czech meaning Real meaning
szukać to fuck to search
nóżki scissors little legs
nożyczki little legs scissors (duh)
kwiecień may april
jagoda strawberry blueberry
pływać to spit to swim
rak crawfish cancer
prawie exactly almost
ostatni the rest the last
poprawić to execute to improve
sklep cellar shop
piwnica pub cellar
płyn gas liquid
zachód toilet west
zapach stink aroma (smell)
droga drug way
palec thumb finger
zmęczony reduced tired

Feel free to write more in the comments. :-)


A side story:

Finding out how “edit html source” window in wordpress behaves
Will pressing escape close the window?
Nah, probably not…
Well, let’s try it to make sure…

One line corresponds to aproximately one second of thinking. Of course, the table with all the words was gone. I couldn’t even believe I did something this stupid for no real reason.

The Da Vinci Code

I’ve finally read Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code. It’s considered a bestseller, so you’ve probably read it or at least heard about it (and if not, feel free to follow the link I gave). What amazes me is how much stir it caused among certain religious organizations. For example the official czech web of opus dei (sorry, no link for ’em) has a news section where the last five messages are about The Da Vinci Code. Quite funny.

Having just read the book I have a few questions: Sure, there’s a pope… but… anyone ever seen a popess? :) Why are women so discriminated in religion (particularly in Christianity, as I don’t have much experience with other religions)?


I haven’t ridden a bike for several months (since winter, more exactly (you might find it weird but I don’t)). Today we made a small ride which ended being slightly more than 100km long. Of course my legs hurt, but what I find more surprising is that my wrists do too. Of course the seat is now imprinted into my butt, which ain’t nice either…

And this happened just a day after almost sleepless night… As I’ve already written, I was at the animefest, here is more or less chronologically what I’ve seen there (and some of my impressions):

Great teacher Onizuka – A comedy about a former leader of a motorcycle gang who decides to become a teacher. It was probably stupid, but I really liked it (maybe because I haven’t seen any anime for quite a long time.

AMV competition (see, I am nice enough to put links to wikipedia again) – that ruled, I wonder whether you can dload the AMVs anywhere on the net. Probably the best one was on Neon Genesis Evangelion (which is prolly most classic/widely known/talked about anime) with self recorded version of a widely known pop song (I don’t know the name) with refrain: “We’ve been lonely for most of our lives, and through Impact into paradise”

Grave of the fireflies – the most touching anime, it’s about a boy and his sister who become orphans and try to survive WW2 in Japan. I highly suggest it, the best one I’ve seen this year.

Karas – what a bullsh^H^H^H^H^H^H^H difficult story. There were demons fighting each other and sometimes killing random people (some of them got power from drinking human blood). I liked one scene, which was rather good: a girl was at a toilette, when suddenly in the wash basin the water drops started falling the other way around (needless to say she didn’t survive it).

Memories – three short stories, I’ve only seen two of them but liked both:
Magnetic rose – scifi, space dustmen catch an SOS signal from wrecks of old starships, they find a gothic looking rooms there, as they get deeper, there are some nasty surprises, then they start to see unreal things (and is a bit like Solaris (if you haven’t read it yet, go and do it NOW)
Stink bomb – a boy in a chemistry lab eats something he shouldn’t have eaten, then starts producing something that causes everyone who gets close to him to fall into coma (he doesn’t know that and is always very surprised). I really liked it.genshiken

Bokusatsu tenshi Dokuro-chan – quite an average girl (going to school and so on) who is accidentally also an angel very often brutally kills her friend with a spiked club to revive him a few moments later. It’s pretty crazy comedy, but considering the state we were in, we really enjoyed it.

Sokyu no Fafner – yet another mecha fighting (well, ever seen a mecha doing anything else than fighting?), not that bad, but mecha ain’t my style.

Genshiken – anime about otaku (anime freaks), it went on for 5 hours (since 2 till 7, so I overslept a few parts, but Genshiken didn’t have a clear storyline so it doesn’t even matter much). The only drawback is that the sound was really loud so it was a bit difficult to sleep.

Ginban Kaleidoscope – a speedskater meets a ghost, big deal…

Speed grapher – a photograph gets into trouble in a world where money is everything, I’ve only seen a few first parts so I couldn’t understand it much but I think it might be a good one.

Fate/Stay night – wizards fighting for a holy grail, lots of action.

Ooh, I almost forgot again… you like pictures, don’t you? :-)

Geez, this was a long one…


I am going to spend the weekend at animefest, annual event held in Brno that is all about manga and anime (too lazy to put links to wikipedia, you’ve got to search for it yourself :-)).

I’ve been there last year and really liked it, so I hope this year won’t be much different. Well, gonna sleep now as I will have to get up early tomorrow (errm… today).

Night buses

They built a bus stop just in front of our house. It is only used by night buses, which none of our family uses much, so it is pretty useless for us. The bus goes up the hill so as it accelerates it makes a horrible noise.

Now to get to the main point — there are english speaking (or more like english shouting ;-)) students waiting for the bus almost every hour from 10 in the evening till 1 at night, and most of my relatives want to sleep by then.

I was sent to talk with the students (who are often a bit drunk already) and found out they were coming from Vinařská campus. They have one bus stop that is closer and down the hill (as opposed to the one by our house which is up the hill for them). Some of them didn’t know about it and some just said they were used to coming all the way up the hill to our bus stop. So now I go there every night almost every hour to give them little papers that contain a map showing the closer station and I explain them how efficient it will be for them to go there next time they want to get to the city.
One really surprising thing is that these are only foreign students (and I met several 5-30 people groups), some of them are apparently French (yeah, all the French people speak English in their own French way), but they are probably from all the different countries because else they would just speak French. :-)

And the point of all this? … You were expecting a point, huh?

Pumping a bike

Now when the spring has come (don’t argue please) I decided it is a good chance to make moving from place A to place B faster by using my bike. However, the tyres were not inflated enough so I thought I’d just pump them. After searching in the mess in our garage for a while, I found a nice looking pump.

I plug it in, nothing happens… ahhh, I have to unscrew this first… see? It works now… Sssssss… oh… well, the tyre is empty, but I have a pump so it shouldn’t be a problem. Pump, pump, pump… why nothing happens? Let’s try it a bit differently… ah, this way… I am not that dumb not to be able to pump a tyre… Sssssssssss… sh*t fsck @#!$^%*!#^…

After half an hour, hands totally black, tired from pumping all the time, I was totally happy to get the bloody tyre at least close to the state it had been before my pumping. – beware – tracking you down

So that’s it, it is totally clear that was responsible for all that clicks.

He/she/it first visited or, then this blog, which he/she/it browsed around a bit, then herewego, one pageview but two ad clicks (I do not really understand that), then network (one pageview and freaking three clicks). He/she/it finished his/her/its tour around my pages on kgs-map (viewed 9 pages).

Apart from that, is connected with that ip adress, that is “University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science” in my hometown – Brno… currently doesn’t even respond to pings (seems they turn off cumputers for night), but you can expect some port scanning in near future :)

I am half asleep already, so I’d better leave it all for tomorrow…

Anyway… when I find out who it was…