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Someone clicking my ads like crazy

Someone is clicking my ads like crazy. Don’t fucking do it!!!

If they close my account I am gonna find out who it was and kill ya. No joking.

I will have access to the stats after midnight and I am almost sure I will find out who it was (as there are almost no visitors), then… beware!

Well, now that I calmed down a bit – got 1 visitor who clicked 3 times on one page and 2 times on the other one, that is like, uhm… not really good.

Shit, if they close my account (and I wouldn’t be that surprised if they did) I am really going to kill you…


Getting a job

After the lunch I sat down and wrote a short CV, I sent it somewhere prepared to wait for the ten days after which no response means rejection. What a surprise when an hour later my cell phone rang (wtf? someone calling me on my cell phone? that hasn’t happened for ages…). I got asked several questions and the woman even tested my l33t 3ngli5h skillz. After rather longish talk she told me to turn up for an interview on wednesday… okay, nothing to lose, I will try :)

Now one thing that puzzled me a bit – I got asked what wage I’d expect… Well, to be sincere I have no expectations, but as her job is to make my wage as low as possible, I am going to try to make it a bit harder for her :)

First post

Okay, so I made a weblog, I am probably the last person on earth not to have done so a long time ago.

I noticed that I started using front page of my homepage as a blog, so I thought that maybe setting up a blog would be better…

And this really is my first post, the two earlier were just added afterwards with according timestamp.
But I am not really sure whether it is a good idea setting up a blog just a day before an exam… And don’t ask whether I prepared for it, the answer is obvious.

Gonna learn something, wish me good luck (err, there are no links to this blog anywhere, (hey, cool wysiwig editor), so if you read it you read it from archives and means my exam is already over (wow, that seems spooky now)).