Clever blog spam – cycate kobiety

Some people comment spam on blogs. There are quite a lot of them. Maybe it would be more appropriate to say that there are still people who actually don’t comment spam…

Most of the comment spam is pretty obvious – usually dozens of pr0n, pills or casino links stuffed in a single post. If the maintainer cares at least a bit, it is pretty easy to get rid of this kind of spam.

However, I’ve recently seen something much more clever. There was a normal comment below a blog post, signed by “Cycate Kobiety”. Even with my poor knowledge of Polish I felt this wasn’t the actual name of the poster. With some help from a dictionary (and also by actually having a look at the site ;-)) I concluded that it means something like “busty girls”. That is truely ingenious. The American owner who barely knows where Poland is (no offence), won’t think there is anything weird about the name “Cycate Kobiety” and will just let it go.

People who spam like this don’t even harm maintainer or readers. And if the comment is particulary enlightening it can even be beneficial for the blogger and his readership.

Now I just hope I won’t rank in SERPs for “cycate kobiety”, that would be awkward ;-)

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