Edgy Eft – final release

As much as I praised the beta of Edgy Eft (betas are usually horrible and this one was simply great without any flaws), the final release sucks. It replaced  [working] orinoco drivers for my wifi with [not working] prism2_pci drivers. Took me a while to figure it all out (merely a day or so, because I messed it up). The cool login/logout sounds from gnome were replaced with not so cool ones, The textbox of firefox’s google toolbar looks awfully. Uh, not sure what else they managed to mess up… but I think I will find more things…

As a side note, the bloody gaim still doesn’t write “user logged out”/”user logged in” to the chat windows, I dunno where the mistake could be… I was told that it works but it doesn’t work for me with gaim2.0.0beta3.1 (nor under my settings nor under default settings (which I tried, as my settings could have been borken)). Any ideas/experiences?

And ubuntuforums suck. Seriously. They just ignore my posts (only sometimes someone writes “I have the same problem too”).

One thought on “Edgy Eft – final release

  1. I was (almost) never able to find anything useful in ubuntuforums. Well, once I’ve found a cool avatar there. So you say, edgy beta is fancy. My classmate praised beta ver., as well, saying that it works absolutely smoothly, but since I was incredibly lazy to update, I continued running dapper, although there are things that don’t work. But as I can read now, maybe I’ll stay with dapper till it will be supported – since troubles were, are, and will be. My advisor told me that now I’m too young but after some time I’ll realize that people are getting old faster than Linux is getting stable (he’s on Mac).

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