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Hello from Edgy Eft!
Recently I got a new disk and I decided it might be a good idea to make a clean new install (I had the previous system through warty – hoary – breezy – dapper). I didn’t want to upgrade the old system to something which is still unstable and I thought it might also be good to get rid of all the trash that I don’t use anyway… (well, yeah, I copied my whole home directory with a lot of trash, but at least I got rid of the programs that I don’t use).

And the first time experience? Magnificent! I encountered no serious problems, almost everything “just worked” out of the box and the things that didn’t were pretty easy to fix.

List of “nice and surprising”:

  • sounds: the default intro sound of gnome was so horrible it was almost unlistenable, the new one just rocks, gaim also has different sounds, it will take a while to get used to it but they are better I think (and now gaim also has a volume control, w00t)
  • new artwork: nothing spectacular, a bit better than dapper (which was pretty good, at least compared to previous “shit brown” themes)
  • firefox: 2.0beta is just better (it has one small mistake that when I search by / it doesn’t let me highlight the words, which sucks, but maybe I can set it somewhere…)
  • gaim 2.0beta… it simply rulez (hey, why is everything 2.0beta?)
  • a lot of things stayed the same and 95% of my ~/.something configuration files work so I don’t have to reconfigure everything.
  • many problems that I expected didn’t occur at all… wifi (which was borken in the 2.6.15 kernel), nvidia, wine (particularly fonts), X server, java, etc.

But that was a clean install, I will see what an upgrade looks like when they release the official version and I will upgrade my sister’s system, but after such a pleasant experience I don’t expect any problems either.

3 thoughts on “Edgy Eft

  1. When you accidentally restart your computer firefox will offer restoring the previous session – that’s great, I really hated losing all my open tabs :-)

  2. Ahoj,
    mam dotaz tak trochu téma :-) Jde naistalovat na AMD64 32-bitovej systém? Pokud je p tom neco pekneho na netu tak URL potesi…

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