It all started about a year ago, at a go tournament in Blansko, where I played a game called “fujtajblíci”. I enjoyed it a lot, so I thought I could create online version. But as you might know, it is quite a huge leap from thinking about doing something to actually doing it.

Anyway, now I really couldn’t resist anymore… And I thought “fujtajblíci” might be a bit difficult for a lot of people to pronounce or remember, so I rewrote the name as “fuytayblees” (insert fanfares here).

There’s much more info (including the rules, for real) at the fuytayblees site itself, so just visit it, register and start playing. ;-)

6 thoughts on “Fuytayblees

  1. Diky za “konstruktivni” pripominku :P

    Uz… lepsi? :)

    (btw porad jsou casti nevalidni, ale fakt nevim, co s nima (konkretne jde o to, ze v xhtml neexistuje atribut name u tr, a ja ho proste nedokazu nicim nahradit))

  2. No asi je to tak dobry, ze jsem nic konstruktivnejsiho nevymyslel ;). Jen z vlastni zkusenosti vim, ze lidi cpou na web XHTML valid ikonky i kdyz to tak neni.
    Mozna si to nekdy zahraju, ale ted na to nemam naladu.

  3. yo tasuk, ftbs could use a list of registered players, perhaps with a search function

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