How to get an extra hour a day

Imagine you could get an extra hour every day. That means 365 hours a year. 365 hours is like 45 eight-hour work days. Wow.

I’ll start with a success story. Over a month ago, I read something very interesting about how to sleep properly. I used to have problems getting out of bed at 7am. I used to have those mornings when I felt like half asleep zombie for several hours after getting up. Now I have no problems waking up at 6:45, sometimes I even wake up earlier without the alarm clock. Oh, and I also started going to bed later (usually shortly after midnight but it really depends on when I start feeling tired).

Out of the last 8 days, I went jogging in the early morning 7 times. Today I woke up at 6:42, three minutes before my alarm would go off. It’s Saturday 7:37am and I just came back from my half an hour of jogging. I had a shower and am enjoying my breakfast, while all of you are asleep. ;) These long weekends are amazing — it really is a measurable difference.

Here are the keys (more or less sorted by importance):

  • get up at a regular time (yes, that includes weekends), go to sleep when you get tired (no earlier and no later)
  • get enough sunshine and natural daylight during the day (bulbs will not cut it, you need real light)
  • every day, do at least 20 minutes of increased physical activity such as running (most effective in the morning)
  • drink a lot of pure water (it’s also generally good for your health)
  • if you feel like taking a nap after lunch, do so (limit it to 20-30 minutes), naps are good for you
  • never ever take sleeping pills (important, but rather common sense, isn’t it?), don’t drink coffee or overeat yourself before going to sleep

When I was starting with this I was called gullible. What is worse — I was called gullible by someone who believes in a three-in-one god that is supposedly omnipotent and sent his only son (who was actually one of the three) to save the mankind by dying on a cross in huge pain. Crazy stuff.

4 thoughts on “How to get an extra hour a day

  1. Let me guess: you’ve been reading Steve’s blog? If so, I wholeheartedly recommend his book as well. It’s fascinating and presents a nice framework on which one can build.

  2. Anonymous J. asking me whether I’ve been reading Steve’s blog. Not sure what to answer as I don’t know who J. is and who Steve is. :-|

    Googling “Steve sleep” leads to Steve Pavlina, which might as well be the Steve J. meant as he did write a book. Steve is famous for his experiments with polyphasic sleep, but I didn’t find much advice on normal sleep except “get up at a regular time and go to sleep when you are tired”. So the answer is no, this is not based on Steve Pavlina. 8-)

  3. Hehe, I think I’ve read the same thing as tasuki. It was a “book” of some sort but quite short and in pdf.

    Basically this stuff works and if you develop even semi regular schedule, you won’t have problems with your sleep. Later it becomes natural and you can try to push your limits even further.

    I hope in time I’ll be able to go to bed at 02:00 everyday and still wake up early with no fatigue at all :-D

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