I just sold my soul

After pondering about it for a long time, I’ve finally decided to sell my soul. Yes, this blog, the place where I share my thoughts and opinions with you, my dear readers, this very blog has become polluted by ads.

Now, before you leave for good, here are some quick tips on how to avoid being exposed to ads:

  • don’t browse old posts or
  • browse as a registered user or
  • use holy water to protect you from the devil

Any one of the above mentioned tips will help you stay on the safe side. The third one is the best option, as it will also protect you from the devil on most other websites…

3 thoughts on “I just sold my soul

  1. But I do wonder, what’s the point of introducing ads if you tell people how to avoid them? They don’t get you any money if noone sees them, do they?

  2. I just don’t want anyone who really reads this blog to see the ads.

    Ads are targeted at random one time visitors who come from search engines or links to old posts. And I don’t think the ads will make a lot of money, it’s mostly just a test. :)

  3. I would have bought your soul if I knew it was on sale… Just for a test, mostly, of course.

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