My favourite vim feature

No place to be humble, I’m a vim power user.

Yes, your IDE can do things my vim can’t. But my vim can do things your IDE can’t. How many times have I watched someone using an IDE and thought “if only it were vim I’d take your keyboard and solve this in about two seconds, while you click around and keep getting lost”.

My favourite vim feature? Displaying different parts of one buffer (ie file) in two vertically split windows. Can your IDE do that? Now get off my lawn!

Open a file, split vertically, scroll each of the split windows independently:

$ vim ~/.bashrc

2 thoughts on “My favourite vim feature

  1. IntelliJ IDEA: rightclick on tab with file -> split horizontally/vertically, but I guess this feature is there for ages and IDEA wont be the only normal IDE that can do this. Updating all views on-the-fly is by default.

    On the other hand – IDEA has a vim plugin that allows you using more less all vim features in IDEA. Does your vim-thing have IDEA plugin? :)

  2. Oooh, I stand corrected then. But why do people never use it?

    My vim-thing has no IDEA ;)
    Can the IDEA plugin do inoremap jk <esc> ?

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