New design again

I didn’t plan it. I just woke up today and knew I’d have a new blog in the evening.

As for colours, a great deal of thinking went into that. Yesterday I read a lot about readability on the web. I think it’s something very important that many people completely miss. First, Verdana and Georgia, that’s a no-brainer. Almost everyone has them and they were designed for screen, are very readable, and also look good.

Then I read some controversial posts about white on black versus black on white. Well, I personally strongly prefer dark background and light text (it’s simply less tiring on the eyes). But somehow my experience from “green is cheesy” with #999 text on #000 background wasn’t good – at least on my system, the fonts didn’t get hinted properly. The “silhouette’s” #CC9 text on #443 background is a completely different story. The contrast is good enough (should be good enough even for people with crappy monitors) and hinting works great (ymmv, though).

As for the picture at the top – the right guy’s back looks kinda weird, I might have to change that. And the curly thingy is stupid, I know. I might change that, too (if anything it should curl outwards, but that would be much harder to do).

And finally: a competishun! Who are the guys in the picture? When was the game played? First to write the correct answer into comments gets a beer. :)

11 thoughts on “New design again

  1. Argh… I thought I’d upgrade my wordpress (because of some cool plugins), and I fucked up the smilies in the process… I’m working on bringing them back, and so far I’m only partially succesful.

    UPDATE: seems to fully work, instead of tweaking “More smilies”, I installed “Custom smilies” (that required some tweaking too, but at least it didn’t produce hundreds errors). And why oh why did wordpress start checking on space after a smiley? There should be one before the smiley, but not necessarily after it (punctuation, etc). Well, it really sucks that I’ll have to do all those changes when I install new WordPress.

    Also, I recently noticed that in my user profile I can turn off the bloody TinyMCE. Apart from being unbelievably slow, it also used to screw up my markup in various ways (wrong paragraphs, formating breaks mysteriously, elements move to random places, …). The “simple” editor is pretty cool. It’s regular html (with buttons there to help me), plus line breaks produce line breaks (duh) and empty lines produce paragraphs (which is probably the best way of avoiding <p> while preserving usability).

  2. ja jsem chtel ten titulni obrazek udelat nizsi, ale fakt to neslo… myslis, ze je to hodne spatne? (ja mam 1280×1024 a myslim, ze je to jeste celkem ok, v 1024×768 to muze byt horsi, a v 800×600 pravdepodobne nepouzitelne)

  3. Text mi zacina asi ve 2/5 obrazovky (od spoda :-)), ale uznavam, ze 1024×768 je v puli cesty na smetiste dejin ;-)
    Nechal bych to tak a tim bych motivoval lidi ke koupi neceho lepsiho nez mam ja :-)

  4. Ahoj,
    1024×768 je na ceste do smetiste dejin, ale na ntb je vertikalnich 800 n 900 obvykle… tedy ano, vidim obrazek i nadpis clanku…:)

  5. lobo: I’ve already seen that (it got rather popular among Polish people recently ^^). Also, this song is nothing new for Czech people (it’s been around for dozens of years ;)), but I gotta admit – the Polish translation certainly looks funny. :)

  6. Aaaaaand – another update.
    I updated categories, and also posts’ urls.

    To keep the old links working, I added this into my .htaccess:
    RedirectMatch 301 /…./../../(.*)$ /$1

    It took me quite a while to find out that ^ in the beginning broke it. And I still don’t know why it did.

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