Night buses

They built a bus stop just in front of our house. It is only used by night buses, which none of our family uses much, so it is pretty useless for us. The bus goes up the hill so as it accelerates it makes a horrible noise.

Now to get to the main point — there are english speaking (or more like english shouting ;-)) students waiting for the bus almost every hour from 10 in the evening till 1 at night, and most of my relatives want to sleep by then.

I was sent to talk with the students (who are often a bit drunk already) and found out they were coming from Vinařská campus. They have one bus stop that is closer and down the hill (as opposed to the one by our house which is up the hill for them). Some of them didn’t know about it and some just said they were used to coming all the way up the hill to our bus stop. So now I go there every night almost every hour to give them little papers that contain a map showing the closer station and I explain them how efficient it will be for them to go there next time they want to get to the city.
One really surprising thing is that these are only foreign students (and I met several 5-30 people groups), some of them are apparently French (yeah, all the French people speak English in their own French way), but they are probably from all the different countries because else they would just speak French. :-)

And the point of all this? … You were expecting a point, huh?