Poland — the good and the bad

The good:

  • Polish people are extremely hospitable and helpful.
  • Either there is a very low amount of thieves or I am really lucky.
  • Food (cheese, bread, yoghurt, chocolate) in shops is quite a bit cheaper here than in Czechia (though restaurants aren’t cheaper at all).
  • Krakow rocks. Especially the shores of Wisła river next to the Wawel castle.

The bad:

  • Car drivers drive like assholes. When you’re going by bike, they drive way closer than what I find comfortable (I thought I was used to this from Czechia, but in Poland it’s even a little worse). When you, as a walker, get to a zebra crossing, in Western Europe the drivers will do everything they can to stop and let you pass. In Czechia, they usually let you pass, but not always (not when they’re going fast and don’t want to halt). In Poland, drivers almost never stop at a zebra crossing. You can see them slowing down, so you step into the street thinking “finally a decent driver” and the next thing you know is that you are jumping back onto the pavement as the driver was just slowing down to take a right turn. Similar on red lights — just because there’s red lights shining 50 meters ahead of the passing car doesn’t mean that the driver will let you pass.
  • No discounts for lunch menu in restaurants. Eating out is quite expensive compared to cooking yourself.

Yeah, both lists are incomplete. Does it look like I post this just because I haven’t posted anything in April yet?

3 thoughts on “Poland — the good and the bad

  1. Of course Poland is cheaper, because the Zloty has been hit much harder by the financial crisis than the Koruna. Over the past year, the Zloty lost about 28% vs. the Euro, whereas the Koruna lost about 5%.

    That’s why I invested some of my money in Zloty recently. 8-)

  2. Investing in Zloty seems like a smart move (unless Zloty does what it did few decades ago ;)).

    Ignus, yeah, it is subjective and based on my experience… As opposed to most posts on my blog which are completely objective. :P

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