Pumping a bike

Now when the spring has come (don’t argue please) I decided it is a good chance to make moving from place A to place B faster by using my bike. However, the tyres were not inflated enough so I thought I’d just pump them. After searching in the mess in our garage for a while, I found a nice looking pump.

I plug it in, nothing happens… ahhh, I have to unscrew this first… see? It works now… Sssssss… oh… well, the tyre is empty, but I have a pump so it shouldn’t be a problem. Pump, pump, pump… why nothing happens? Let’s try it a bit differently… ah, this way… I am not that dumb not to be able to pump a tyre… Sssssssssss… sh*t fsck @#!$^%*!#^…

After half an hour, hands totally black, tired from pumping all the time, I was totally happy to get the bloody tyre at least close to the state it had been before my pumping.