Tsumego collections

Is it even possible that I forgot to advertize my new project on my own blog?

So… here it goes: I created tsumego collections.

Some people obviously like it, as I can see some traffic from sources like something.mail.yahoo.com (someone sending emails with a link to my page?). I wonder if I should write an ad into rgg or godiscussions.

Well, repeating informations that you can find there seems useless, suddenly I don’t really know what to write… hmpfh…

Anyway, big thanks to toxygen for transferring the go fonts from metafont to type1 (in pdf, metafont fonts get included as bitmaps, which sucks big time, and type1 fonts get included as vectors, which rocks).

One thought on “Tsumego collections

  1. This is pretty good stuff! Next you should do problem sets from here. It seems like if you develop an algorithm for one group of these problems it should work for the other groups (since they are all designed for the same program).

    This would also be a good source.

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