Computer programs should be user friendly, it should be always easy and intuitive to do what you want.

I like userfriendliness of firefox, various stupid pop-up windows have been replaced by information bars that fit nicely into the application (such as search bar at the bottom when you press / (some people insist on using ctrl+f but any unix user knows that / is the true way to search :P) or the bar at the top informing you about a blocked pop-up window).

However, gnome has become way too “user friendly”. Linus was probably right when he said that gnome developers are interface nazis. In the new gnome, the default is to show the location in nautilus (default gnome file manager) as buttons (for each folder there’s a button). That sucks, it’s much better to have a textbox, as then you can also switch folders by writing it there. Luckily, it’s still possible to change this…

What I find very annoying are the pop-up windows at the lower right informing me that there is not enough disk space (it always announces the disk and the percentage that is free). Gimme a rest… I do know that my disks are almost full and I can use “df” too. I really see no reason for this annoying feature which the developers have probably seen in M$ windoze and thought that gnome users should suffer too.

Anyone knows where to turn it off? :x

As a side note, I am not switching to KDE because it is too bloated and I’m not switching to fluxbox because I am not cool enough (but maybe if I grow up to be cool I will switch to fluxbox one day…).

One thought on “Userfriendliness

  1. Mně třeba ta bublina oznamující málo místa na disku přijde dobrá, protože prostě nevím, kolik místa tam mám. Když pořád stahuju nějaký filmy, ISO obrazy atd., tak v tom ztratím přehled. Co se týče Nautila, tak ty tlačítka se mi právě líbí, protože můžu rovnou klikat. Textový pole jsem snad nikdy nepoužil.

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