Weekly flickroutine

As we all know, Flickr is the best photo sharing site (if you haven’t heard it yet, Microsoft is buying Yahoo, who own Flickr… so there’s a very real possibility that Microsoft will kill Flickr, which would make me hate them even more). Almost unbelievably, the flickr source is only 60k lines of php and 60k lines of templates… I’ve seen 10k lines files that didn’t do anything useful. The fact that all of the Flickr’s functionality can fit in 60k lines is simply amazing.

Flickr has the best features and — even more importantly — best photographers and best photos. Flickr Explore shows some of the most interesting, provoking and artistic photos.

And the best way to view any Flickr galleries (including Explore) is Flickriver. It’s currently my most favourite site on all the internets.

Why Flickriver rocks:

  • Infinite scrolling (aka river) enables you to get to see more photos simply by scrolling to the bottom. No more clicking “next” and “previous”! (I absolutely hate paging, having everything on one page is just perfect)
  • Black background just makes it look good. Show me a photo that looks better on white background and I’ll show you a hundred that look better on black background.
  • Larger image previews are much better than the small squares you usually see on flickr, you see the full uncropped picture, and you see it at a size which actually enables you to recognize what is displayed on the picture.

At least once a week, I visit Flickriver and go through at least top 50 explore photos from each day since my last visit. I’ve been doing this for several months yet I’m amazed over and over again how perfect photos there are.

Give Flickriver a try, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Oh, and I can highly suggest viewing my favourite photos (mostly falling into at least one of these categories: hdr, landscapes, mist/fog, cities, conceptual).