Animefest 2007


I’ve been to Animefest the other day. It wasn’t nearly as great as the last year’s one but I still enjoyed it. Here are my impressions:

Otaku no Video – parody of otaku (fanatic manga/anime fans), quite funny. I’ve already seen something similar and find it a bit surprising (in a good way) that these are popular.
Cosplay competition – people dress up as anime characters, some of them were really good.

Claymore – set in medieval times, half-demons fight against demons. Although this description might sound lame, I think it was very nicely done and there were some touching moments too.

Seirei no Moribito was probably my favorite one this year. It’s a fantasy adventure about a prince who is protected by a female warrior against bad guys who want to kill him (in fact these bad guys are not evil, they think they will help him by killing him – it’s complicated). I really liked the graphics and the overall atmosphere.

Kyo no Go no Ni – a school comedy. I bet that you can figure the rest out by yourself. :-)

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